Vision & Mission

Gür İplik Vision

To specialize in our field with our firsts and principles, to create value and resources for our customers, employees and society.

To be the leading company with our researcher, developer and perfectionist management policy, which works within the principles of quality and is sought in terms of market quality in the sector. By providing a customer satisfaction-oriented structuring, to provide quality that is even higher than the product and service expectations demanded by our customers. Contributing to the regional and national economy and accelerating social development by creating more employment every day. To be the symbol of trust with stable and quality production in line with the change in the world textile market and to become a brand with this understanding.

Whatever the problem you are facing, you have found a manufacturer that can help you.

Gür İplik Mission

To ensure the satisfaction of its customers and employees at the highest level by doing every job right the first time and continuously, with a management approach in accordance with the rules of quality, hygiene, environment and occupational health and safety.

With the principle of keeping the satisfaction of our customers and employees at the highest level;
To produce correct and high quality yarns at the desired quality standards for textile products by making continuous improvements in our activities and following technological innovations in order to meet the increasing and changing customer expectations. To be with our customers at all times, with the shortest delivery time and after-sales services. To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with the desired quality, reasonable price and environmentally friendly products. To be the sought-after supplier of your own country and the countries of the world with different and special product options and to increase the export power of our country. By responding to the wishes and expectations of our employees, to make them feel safe and satisfied without worrying about the future in our company.

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