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Turkey's Best Yarn Manufacturer since 2008

Gür İplik Industry and Trade Incorporated Company started its activities in 2008 under the leadership of Mehmet Tayfun ÖZKAYA, based on high quality norms and completely customer satisfaction oriented production. Our founder, who is a member of the family with a long history in textiles, added the dynamism of youth, organizational and management skills to the experience brought by the deep-rooted past, and turned the business into an enterprise in a short time with 750 employees in a closed area of 50.000 m2 and producing 1st class acrylic and blended yarn with a capacity of 35 tons/day.

Gür İplik Industry and Trade Incorporated Company, which was born as a result of the integration of a dynamic team supported by experience, strong capital and new technology, is steadily growing its market with the understanding of maximum efficiency, maximum quality and maximum customer satisfaction. Our company produces and sells acrylic, wool, polyamide, polyester, viscose and cotton blended yarns in the range of Nm/5 -Nm/50, single, double or multi-ply yarns thanks to its wide product range, high quality and flexible production organization.

Today, Gür İplik Industry and Trade Inc.Co company operates in many sectors such as Yarn production, Medical, Construction and Synthetic Fabric production.

The infrastructure and renovation works of  Private GürLife Hospital,the hospital in Tepebaşı, have been completed and it has started to accept patients for service to the people of Eskişehir.

Private Gürlife Hospital; It has started to accept patients in all branches who are in agreement with Private Insurance Institutions..

Private Gürlife Hospital; It is the largest private hospital in our city with 154 Patient Beds, 46 of which are Intensive Care Beds (Adult Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, Cardiovascular Intensive Care and Cardiology Intensive Care), and 44 Day Service Beds.

Private Gürlife Hospital Chief Physician Dr. Ali ÖZDEMİR explained their principles of medical ethics as; “With respect, love and tolerance, we will add a different perspective to our region in terms of health services, and we will always be the pioneer of health services to be provided to the people of Eskişehir and the region. In this context, we aim to offer the highest level of health technologies to the service of our people together with our experienced health personnel.” In addition to his words, he added, “In addition to the health services we will offer administratively, we will be a whole with the people of Eskişehir and the region in social and cultural activities,” and expressed that they will be a pioneer in the private health sector in Eskişehir.

Apart from these, the construction of the second hospital, also belonging to Private Gürlife Hospital, in the Yenikent region of Odunpazarı started in 2015, and the rough construction of the second hospital with a total closed area of 28500 square meters and a 400-bed capacity has been completed, and the mechanical and electrical infrastructure works are continuing.

Private Gürlife Hospital was founded by businessman Mehmet Tayfun ÖZKAYA from Gaziantep, with the belief to add value to Eskişehir and to make a difference for the people of Eskişehir with a personalized healthcare service approach.

Gür Nonwoven Synthetic Fabric facilities were established in 2020 with the participation of Gür Group in the 1.Organized Industrial Zone and started its production activities with the experience, knowledge and experience brought by the deep-rooted past, taking into account high technology, ideal quality standards and customer satisfaction. We can produce with a monthly capacity of 500 tons in our high-tech facilities that continue to meet the most suitable solutions for their customers, and our meltblown products used in mask production have met all European and Turkish standards and we have all relevant certificates.


We produce Best QUALITY products for your business and you

Raw Material Processing
We process quality raw materials with modern machines.
Environmentally Friendly Production
Environmentally friendly production standards are mainly applied in Gür İplik enterprises.
100% Acrylic Yarn Production
Acrylic and acrylic/wool, acrylic/viscose mixed NM 1-20 Nm thickness can be made from one layer to 4 layers.
Yarn Dyeing
We always strive to apply the best colors by combining the best colors with quality raw materials.

Gür İplik Sanayi Ticaret ve A.Ş

Our company can produce with a capacity of 1250 tons per month with its 1000+ employees in a 52.000 m2 closed area.

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We produce more than just yarn in our businesses.

GURPLIK is the largest peer-to-peer comparison initiative in the textile industry. It monitors the progress of the apparel and home textile industry towards more sustainable material sourcing and compliance with global efforts. Besides regular production, it became the largest exporter.